What Happens to Bets in Soccer Extra Time?
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What Happens to Bets in Soccer Extra Time?

Sports betting is quite a popular way of earning profit while enjoying a game of your favorite soccer team.

According to Statista, the worldwide online gambling and betting industry was $61.5 billion in 2021, with a prediction to rise to $114.4 billion by the end of 2028.

Although watching live sports can be fun, betting on the outcome of a game can increase the entertainment value. Thus, many sports enthusiasts become more engaged and invested in a match if they have placed a bet.

However what does happen to those bets in a soccer extra time?

What Is an Extra Time in Soccer?

What is an extra time in soccer?

Before we continue with the article, let us explain the extra time of a game. Extra time, commonly used in soccer, is an extended period that is needed to get to a result of a game. As said before, it is commonly used in soccer games and if extra time wasn’t enough to give a result, the referee may proceed with penalty shootouts.

Extra time consists of two halves with 15 minutes each.

However, bear in mind that, injuries that occurred during a game or an added time by the end of the period are not seen as extra time. The injury time or interruption times are seen as a time that happens during the full-time. Accordingly, in this case, bets will be concluded as the full-time ends.

Extra Time Example

Extra time example

A perfect example occurred during the last FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022. The match between Croatia and Brazil ended in a tie, with each team scoring one goal. The extra time began, with two halves running 15 minutes each.

However, as that too ended in a tie, it was time for a penalty shootout and ultimately Croatia won the match.

Betting on a Win No Matter the Stage

Betting on a win no matter the stage

Maybe you’ve found yourself placing a bet in a match that needs to provide a winning team regardless of the stage. In that case, there are many betting markets you can use to place bets on one team to be the winner.

Moreover, on these markets, you will not be able to place a draw as you will be placing a bet on either team to win regardless is it full-time or extra-time.

Placing Bets on Extra Time Markets

Placing bets on extra time markets

Commonly, marketplaces offer bets that conclude at full-time. That includes the popular options: both teams score, correct score, over 2.5 goals, etc.

Let’s take an example. If you placed a bet for both teams to score, and Croatia vs Brazil played differently, let’s say 0:0 at full time. On top of that, extra time concluded as 2:1 for Croatia. That would make your bet a losing one, even if you placed 2:1, as all happened in the extra time.

To be sure which bets are included for extra time, be sure to read betting markets’ terms and conditions, as they may vary from one to the other.

Placing Bets on Win in Extra Time

Placing bets on win in extra time

If you are sure that a team will win in extra time, you can place a bet on many betting sites. The odds are often higher than the regular ones. Higher odds are the result of combining draw results at the end of the full-time as well as the odds of one team’s victory at the end of extra time.

On top of that, you can get even higher odds if you think one team is winning in the penalty round. Higher odds are a combination of both draws in the full-time and extra time as well as one team’s victory in the penalty round.

How to Pick Winners

Big soccer games have many markets you can bet on, which can be confusing, especially if you are new to the betting world.

You should always want to find the market that offers the biggest value in soccer matches. After you’ve found a perfect site with great odds and options to bet on extra time, consider utilizing different prediction sites in your favor.

Prediction sites often give out free tips using their algorithms and expert analysis.

On many prediction sites such as StatArea, you can filter games to find the ones that have a high probability to end in a draw.

After that, choose a winning team in extra time and increase the odds of your bet even further.

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