What is StatArea (Starea)?
Sport Betting

What is StatArea (Starea)?

Did you know that it is estimated that the sports betting industry is to surpass the worth of $140 billion by the end of 2028? According to Statista, just the USA generated sports betting revenue of $4.33 billion in 2021, rising yearly.

Why Is Sports Betting Popular?

Image of a man cheering for his football team

Sports betting is an appealing pastime for many who enjoy watching their favorite teams score a win or two. The above-stated betting revenue statistics only attract more operators and stakeholders who want a piece of that cake.

One of the things that are betting on sports makes appealing to everyone is that there are many options to choose from.

Also, using different prediction sites like StatArea, you can increase your betting chances.

More Diversity of Options

Different sites and betting apps provide a vast market for betting chances. As well as great odds to bet on. In past years, sports betting was quite limited. All you had to do was choose an overall winner, and that’s it.

Nowadays, you can choose from many bet offers to increase your odds. For example, you can put a chance on which team will score first, the number of corners for each group, and many other options.

More Betting Opportunities

Image of eSports tournament

With technological advancements increasing each year, sports betting has become more diverse. Users can now select more appealing ways to bet. That also includes betting on eSports matches.

With the gaming side gaining popularity on stream services, it was only a matter of time before we could bet on the outcome of the game matches.

Of course, for those who are profound of traditional bets like football or rugby, don’t worry. You won’t be overtaken that easily.

Convenience Is the Key

As mentioned above, technology opened new ways to the gambling world. You don’t have to go to designated betting places; you only have to hop online on different sites like Betmok or Bet365.

Most betting sites provide their services on a mobile device so that you can place your bets even if you don’t have a computer. Moreover, they usually give out different log-in bonuses and coupons to use.

On top of that, sports prediction sites like StatArea (Starea) are a great way to get necessary statistics and predictions on your favorite matches.

What Is StatArea (Starea)?

Image of StatArea landing page

Betting on sports can be fun, but what if you are new to sports betting? On which team to place your bet? If you are following your favorite team, you’ll know the outcome of almost all matches.

However, if you are a beginner, you might find yourself in a pickle.

This is why you should use prediction sites like StatArea. StatArea or Starea offers all visitors football statistics, team information, match predictions, and more. It even has a mobile version of the site always to get all the information.

StatArea Overview

StatArea is a site that has everything you need for precise betting predictions. Using different algorithms and sports experts’ analysis, it can deliver quite impressive predictions.

Each user can leave predictions which are then accumulated as statistics near each football match.

To explain it further, we will focus on the site’s primary tabs.


Image of StatArea Home tab

On the Home tab, you can find a quick review of today’s matches. Also, on the right side, you have the top site’s users with their respective profiles.

Scrolling down, you get free match predictions, statistics, and potential tips for matches of the current day. The match pairs are divided into different leagues.

Moreover, further down, you have access to general information about significant leagues, their statistics, and the schedules of games.

This tab acts as an overview of all information.


Image of StatArea Predictions tab

When it comes to StatArea predictions, this is a go-to tab. On this tab, there is a complete list of all football games divided by the leagues.

You can choose a competition, start time, or country using the Navigator filter. As well as search your desired StatArea prediction by a date.

Also, you can leave your predictions for each game. By clicking the “i” for further information, you get a detailed statistic of each match and team.


Image of StatArea Expert tab

It contains a list of all experts that bring you your predictions. You can find out more about them and their predictions by clicking on the designated boxes.


Image of StatArea Top10 tab

It features the top 10 StatArea predictions on the visiting day.


Image of StatArea Livescores tab

Here you can find a live score of each football match divided into significant leagues.

Top Users

Image of StatArea Top Users tab

Top users are generated on their success rate with their predictions and listed in this tab.

Custom Prediction

Image of StatArea Custom Prediction tab

Here you can create your custom predictions between two teams. Choose factors units with a drop-down menu, check the factors you want to include, and you’ll get results in no time.

Final Thoughts

Sports betting is on the rise and is gaining more appeal each day. If you are a beginner, the best way to get all the best predictions is to use the site, as mentioned earlier, StatArea.

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