Corner predictions are one of the difficult tips you can bet on. They require a lot of research and stats before deciding on which match to put your stake in and that’s why we are here. Our corner bet specialists or call them expert tipsters crunch the numbers to reveal the best corners predictions available on yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s games.

Football corners predictions form can be Home or Away to win a corner, Handicap, Over or Under [8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, and 12.5].

What is Corner Betting?

A corner betting is an act of placing a bet or wager on which team will win the most corner in a game.

The corner betting market seems to be the most misunderstood betting market. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that it came when people were still struggling to understand the previous betting markets like both teams to sore, half-time, full-time, and a few other sport prediction markets.

In other words, they believe that the number of the corners is so random, that has little to do with searching and analyzing to be considered a fertile field for serious betting. That’s totally wrong. In fact, corner betting is one of the most interesting betting markets to invest, in order to gain long-term profit.

What is Corner Prediction?

Corner predictions are speculations by corner bet specialists usually based on historical statistics of football matches and teams on how many corners should be expected in the match and which team will win the most corner in a game. This is always very useful for the punters in knowing which corner prediction market they should place a bet on.

There is several corner bet market, some of which are

  • Corner range: This is a corner market where the bookmaker gives you a series of selections for the total amount of corners in a game, for example, from 0-6, 7-12, etc.
  • Half-time corner result: This is another market where punters can bet on which half of the game will feature the most corners, as well as on which team will reach a certain amount of corners first.
  • Live betting market: Another market is also the live betting market, where punters can bet on the time of the first corner, or the team to be awarded the next corner.

Why choose Football Corners Predictions for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow betting tips?

You may think that the number of corners won during a match is completely random, but that’s not the case at all. An attacking team will always win a higher amount of corners than a defensive one, for a start.

Some defenses may concede a lot of corners as they are very good at dealing with them. Other teams with forwards who are good in the air may play in a certain style that gains a lot of corners as they’ve developed a decent habit of scoring from them.

All this information is factored into our corners predictions tips. Our tips are never just a case of sticking in a pin in a set of random numbers – we do the research so we can do our best to make sure our tips are the best in the business.

We keep records of each team’s performance in every game, and most importantly when it comes to this bet, the number of corners they both earn and concede. That gives us a significant advantage in understanding which team’s matches tend to be the most corner-friendly, enabling us the give accurate tips.

Corner Betting Strategies To Always Win Corner Predictions

It’s true that the vast majority of punter places live bets when it comes to corners. But still, there are some profitable corner betting strategies when choosing to bet pre-match. These are the best two:

1. First half corners

Usually, online bookmakers don’t pay much attention to first-half lines. They just count an over/under market line for the whole match (i.e. over/under 9,5 corners) and just divide it into two, subtracting one corner most of the time (i.e. over/under 4,5 corners). Supposing that in several leagues (like the Dutch Eredivisie or the German Bundesliga) there’s an ascending number of corners even from the first minutes, it’s really worthy to bet on the over 4,5 corners before halftime.

2. Wrong lines on specific teams

This is a strategy, focusing on the teams rather than the matches. You just have to pick some teams, usually, the favorites in every league who are desperate to win every match, especially at home. Then you focus on their attitude: They don’t have to be tired after a midweek international or important domestic cup tie.

They have to be fully focused on getting maximum points of the game (even better when they’ve lost points at their previous match). So, you’re just sure they’re giving 100% potential during most of the 90 minutes, not just to secure victory, but to score as many goals as possible.

How Does Corner Betting Prediction works and How Can I Place a Corners Predictions Bet?

All online sportsbooks will enable you to place a ‘total corners bet’ on any game you may want to choose. This is now a very popular bet, so it’s something that nearly every online bookmakers will facilitate.

You just need to head to your favorite sportsbook where you have an account and find the game in question. You can find the most basic bets via the games’ simple listing, but to bet on total corners you need to find the specific game’s individual page.

Once you’ve done that, simply scroll through the options until you find ‘total corners’ – instead of betting on a specific number of corners you may find individual ranges, or betting on whether they’ll be over or under an exact number (usually 8.5).

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