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We offer fulltime predictions and full-time draw predictions for today, tomorrow, and the weekend from our tipsters/experts, country or continent, the league, time of match kickoff, and bet predictions. full time draw prediction betting tips are very often used for pre-match picks as they provide a more secure winning outcome. By full-time draw prediction, you cover the entire game and team as well as both-sided matches.

Selection of fulltime tips like Draw predictions and Home or Away wins. Up to 100 draw prediction or full time prediction for free. Win Draw Win tips are also found

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Georgia vs Albania O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 113.5 15/07 | 13:15 1.38 WON
Turkey vs Germany O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 114.5 15/07 | 13:15 1.38 WON
Spain vs Italy O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 108.5 15/07 | 17:00 1.33 LOST
Slovenia vs North Macedonia O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 120.5 15/07 | 17:45 1.35 LOST
Czech Republic vs France O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 113.5 15/07 | 19:15 1.35 WON
Utah Jazz vs LA Clippers O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 161.5 15/07 | 22:00 1.42 LOST
Denver Nuggets vs Philadelphia 76ers O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 163.5 15/07 | 23:00 1.42 WON
Toronto Raptors vs Miami Heat O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 163.5 15/07 | 03:00 1.42 WON
New Orleans Pelicans vs Los Angeles Lakers O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 164.5 15/07 | 04:00 1.42 WON
Israel vs Greece O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 118.5 15/07 | 15:15 1.38 WON

Australia - NBL1 Women, Central

Hobart Chargers vs Knox Raiders O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 130.5 16/07 | 08:00 2.00
South West Metro Pirates vs Brisbane Capitals O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 136.5 16/07 | 08:00 1.39
Ballarat Miners vs Frankston Blues O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 136.5 16/07 | 09:00 1.38
Forestville Eagles vs
West Adelaide Bearcats
O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 139.5 16/07 | 09:45 1.38
Southern Peninsula Sharks vs Chelsea Gulls
O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 129.5 16/07 | 10:00 1.38
South Adelaide Panthers vs North Adelaide Rockets
O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 142.5 16/07 | 10:00 1.38
Southern Tiger vs Eastern Mavericks O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 140.5 16/07 | 10:00 1.40
Woodville Warriors vs Sturt Sabres O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 139.5 16/07 | 10:00 1.41
North Bears vs Sutherland Sharks O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 146.5 16/07 | 10:00 1.40
Hume City Broncos vs McKinnon Cougars O/U (Incl. overtime) Over 130.5 16/07 | 08:15 1.38
Hills Hornets vs Maitland Mustangs Handicap (Incl. overtime) Away (+22.5) 16/07 | 08:15 1.31

Why choosing Full Time Draw Prediction Betting Tips for Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow?

Full-time draw betting is the smartest and surest way to win consistently in Soccer Betting. It offers an average of 3.12 hot odds for just one pick, unlike betting accumulators where the risk multiplies 10-folds for every extra game you add. We deliver an average of 40-42 correct Draws Per Month. Combine this with our in-house Increasing Stake Betting System and SMILE TO THE BANK CONSISTENTLY. This makes us pride ourselves as the best full-time draw prediction site on the internet. Our Draw Betting History results confirm we are the best betting tipsters.

Full-time draw predictions are one of the most popular tips that people use. Maybe due to the fact that they don’t require so much calculation and as we all know the point of the game will always be who wins or loses at the end of full-time results. Full betting tips almost always happen when big teams and playing with not too many goals and that’s why they are a real money makers for live in-play staking.

Even not having much with the stats after the match goes crazy due to an early goal, over 1.5 goals betting tips should also be researched through the stats for the teams playing.

What Is The Best Football Prediction Site?

Betdico full time draw prediction is the Best Football Prediction Site. offering visitors Free Football Predictions on all Football Matches. Betdico full time prediction makes it very easy for visitors to win their games. we provide accurate and live statistics to visitors to aid their predictions. Betdico also provides three types of football tips, the first tips are in dark green, and this is usually the surest type of tips but also the smallest in odds. the second type of tips are in light green and they also have a high chance of winning but not as high as the first type of tips which are in dark green. while the third type of tips are in pink color and their chances of winning are 50%. we also provide home and away team forms and performances. we also provide accurate and recent football news to help you stay informed. so if you are looking for the best, real, good, and accurate football prediction site, Betdico.com is where you should check. so next time when someone asks you, what is the best football prediction site, make sure you tell them it’s Betdico full time prediction.

Why Is Betdico Full Time Draw Prediction The Best Football Prediction site?

The answer is simple and here is the reason. At Betdico, we deliver full-time draw prediction, We show our users our previous predictions, for them to confirm from our previous winnings before using our picks. Our predictions are totally free, which means we do not charge a penny for our accurate predictions. We also provide live score to our users, so that you can get all that you need in one place. We provide the game odds, team forms, and so on. No wonder so many people around the world visit us on a daily basis, why not join them today and enjoy our free predictions.

Does Betdico Sell full time draw prediction or Sell Fixed Games?

Betdico Full-time draw prediction is not for sale neither do we sell fixed games as we really do not believe in fixed games. There are some prediction sites that deceive people with fixed games and make money from them, but even when they try the so-called fixed games, it always fails. and even when it wins, that does not mean it was actually a fixed game. This can be calculated and predicted by their previous games played and current form. Have it in mind that no football fan will buy a ticket just to watch a fixed match. wasting their money on something they already know the outcome. Fixed games do not exist, but we predict our games so well that you will even think the match was fixed. We use so many statistics and AI to give our users the best football predictions.

Free Football Prediction Site

Soccer Prediction full time draw prediction is totally free to access, you actually have no worries about buying games from us as our predictions are open for all. all you have to do is navigate to our prediction page and you will have access to all predictions for free. just click on the “Today Prediction” on the top of the page or by clicking on the button below the winnings on the home page. and you will be directed to our prediction page where you will find all our tips for free and on all major leagues in the world without paying any money. We are always busy updating our predictions every day and also putting a lot of effort just to make sure our users win their games.

If you don’t have an account already on betdico, register here.

Top 10 Football Prediction Site

Betdico full time prediction is for sure among the top 10 prediction sites in the world. so many factors have greatly influenced our ranking to the top 10 football prediction sites. some of these factors are:

Yes our predictions are free and there are no hidden charges, we do not have any business with selling games that is been played by two teams that want to win by all means. But we only give good predictions that always win and also look like fixed games.

Our accurate prediction is another factor that brought us to the top 10 football prediction sites. We always make sure we carefully pick our tips and it has been working.

We do not restrict our users from accessing all our free predictions even without signing up. Even if it is your first time on our page, you can still access our predictions for free.

Football News can also make you consider some teams before placing your bets, so we decide to keep you updated with the best football news around the world. This section can be found at the bottom of the page.

Having a good team behind you can push your business to the top, and that is why we work with the best punters in the game of sports betting. So that we can give our users the winning predictions they deserve.

AI On Football Prediction?

Betdico full time prediction also makes use of Artificial Intelligence on calculating and comparing both teams’ forms, head to head, and also their standings on each league, and also on cup games. our Artificial Intelligence is so fast and reliable. every league has its unique ways of playing, what would be possible in the English Premier League, might not be possible in the La Liga and Bundesliga. For instance, the English Premier League is very competitive and anything is possible there. including a team in 20th position winning a team in 1st position, but with our AI, we are able to predict these matches correctly based on the complexity of the league.

Football Prediction Rules


Always know when to take a break especially when you keep losing and losing. Take a break, relax, sit back and observe the game again and know how it goes.


Never Play with all your hard-earned money. Always Play with your spare money, Playing with all your money is very risky because football is only a game of luck and you should Play with the knowledge of you trying your luck.


Take your mind away from your booked games. Don’t start planning already what you will do with your intending winnings, Take your mind away from the game else you will only give yourself high blood pressure.


Home advantage really matters in football. Because the home team will have the highest number of supporters and they will do anything to defend their territory, This happens sometimes and it does not affect big teams most time.


A club might be very good in league games and yet loses to a small team in a cup game. Some cup games are so much treasured by the small teams more than these big teams. so sometimes the big team will use their junior players on such games.


Some small teams are just after spoiling the reputation of the big teams. They might not perform well with their mates but when they face a big team they will want to disgrace them. Underdogs are in every league and they have their favorite team.


Some losses always happen again, if you notice a fixture that has disappointed you in the past, it is better you leave that fixture because some mistakes might just happen again.