Double Chance Predictions [1X, 12, X2] Tips for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This page shows all 1X, 12, X2 – Double Chance prediction or double chance football predictions for today, tomorrow and weekend from our tipsters/experts, all our soccer predictions contain the country or continent, the league, time of match kickoff and bet tips. You can also check out other betting markets by clicking on the betting market below the predictions.

For explanation and examples of 1X, 12, X2 please scroll down to after the football prediction’s table.

What is Double Chance Predictions?

In terms of football wagering, a ‘double chance’ bet is a bet where you wager upon two possible outcomes of a football match as opposed to just one. For example, if you want to ‘double chance bet’ on Real Madrid versus Barcelona, you could back Real Madrid to win or draw, Barcelona to win or draw, or either Real Madrid or Barcelona to win (which is the same as backing the game not to end in a draw). Betting on a double chance predictions is a great way to give yourself more chance of successfully winning a football bet, although the odds are less attractive than if you were simply ‘1X2’ betting.

Why choosing Double Chance Predictions for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow betting tips?

A bet tip or soccer prediction or football prediction with this symbol(1X) belongs to the double chance category, You are predicting the game to end with a win or Draw for the home team at the end of 90 minutes excluding extra time. Your prediction will be won if the Home team wins or the match ended in Draw at the end of 90 minutes excluding extra time, it will only be a loss if the away team had won the match.

Double Chance Prediction Example 1

If a match ends Derby 1:1 Stoke City, a betting tip with (1X or X2) is a win as the match ended in a draw after 90 minutes excluding extra time. With a result like this, you will only lose if the home OR away team had lost the match at the end of 90 minutes.

Double Chance Prediction Example 2

If a game ends Ajax 4:3 Venlo, a betting tip with (12) is a win since of the teams won the match.

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