Over 1.5 goals predictions for today are listed here. Bets on the Over 1.5 goals market are accurate when 3 or more goals in a match are scored, regardless of which team scores. Conversely, bets on the under 1.5 goals market win where 1 goal is scored. The reason for so many people choosing over 1.5 predictions is that they provide very decent odds for a fairly lower risk as we all know the point of a football game will always be scoring goals.

Over 1.5 goals predictions

When you place an over 1.5 goals bet, you are wagering that in the game in question there will be over 1.5 goals in the game. Don’t be confused by the ‘.5’ bit as it is not possible to score half a goal, of course – it’s just an easy way of saying ‘three goals or more’. It doesn’t matter which team scores the goals or the final scoreline of the game – as long as the match contains three goals at least, then your bet is a winning one. It could be 2-0, 0-2, 1-1, 1-2, or even 2-1 – as long as the net bulges at least two times, your bet will win.

Under 2.5 goals tips

Sometimes, we may review a game and feel it will be an undeniably tight affair – maybe a single-goal game, a 0-0 draw, or a match in which the sides will find the back of the net just once each. On these occasions, we would recommend that you bet ‘under 1.5 goals’ or ‘over 1.5 goals – no’ as some sportsbooks will term it. This will win if the game contains a total of two goals or less.

Why choosing Over & Under 1.5 Goals Predictions for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow betting tips?

The Over 1.5 goals market is one of the most popular for prediction on football. See the top of this page for a brief explanation. It’s where more than 2 goals (combined between the two teams) need to be scored in order to win a particular bet while an Under 1.5 goals market bet can be acquired when two teams scores less than 2 goals in a game.

Our Aim for Over 1.5 goals and Under 1.5 goals markets

Some teams have a habit of scoring a lot of goals and others are known to be miserly. Our goal is to study the form to find the most likely outcomes for the Over and Under markets and string them together in winning football betting tips in the form of trebles and accumulators.

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