What Motivates Real Money Gamblers in Brazil?
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What Motivates Real Money Gamblers in Brazil?

In a world where online gambling has swiftly gained traction, Brazil presents a fascinating study.

As of 2016-2017, it was estimated that Brazilians would spend a total of nearly BRL 2 billion playing at Sportsbooks and online casinos. In the near future, this number could easily rise to a whopping BRL 10 billion.

An interesting study is to look at what motivates Brazilian real-money gamblers to bet. But before we do, it’s worth summarising what is the typical profile of a Brazilian gambler, as per research conducted by the KTO, an online casino in Brazil.


  1. Those in the late 30s bracket.
  2. Steadily employed with middle-class status.
  3. Hold advanced educational backgrounds.
  4. Dwelling in state capitals or adjacent metropolitan areas.
  5. Regardless of gender.
  6. Engage in a mix of the lottery, sports wagers, and intermittent digital casino activities such as slots or poker.
  7. Allocate 10 to 50 reals monthly for gaming pursuits.
  8. Dedicate around 30 minutes each day to play.
  9. While not thoroughly informed about prevailing gaming rules, they maintain an inherent awareness of playing responsibly.

Globo conducted research into what drives real-money gamblers in Brazil.

They found that around two-thirds of Brazilians (67%) see online betting as an enjoyable hobby. For 38%, it’s perceived as a sport, and a marginally greater 43% regard it as a potential business venture.

The primary allure of sports wagering hinges on enjoyment, potential profit, and camaraderie: 13% bet for bonding with buddies, while just 12% see it as their chief revenue source.

The importance of trust and good user experience is evident with 54.2% of new gamers influenced by it. A whopping 78% feel more secure based on pals’ endorsements.

What follows in priority are elements like trusted digital certificates (54%), expert site reviews (49%), high-profile affiliations (41%), and legit licensing (41%). This reveals Brazilians’ inclination to scrutinize both the technical and legal sides of things.

While it’s unexpected, the power of media and public portrayal isn’t top-tier, though it’s still influential.

Despite prevailing perceptions, media’s influence isn’t at its peak, but it remains significant.

Endorsements from famous teams or celebrities such as footballers, actors or TV stars (36%), TV exposure (28%), digital sports content (27%), and other media shoutouts (21%) still impact a substantial portion of Brazilians who like to gamble.

Digging deeper into the numbers reveals what drives Brazilians to gamble: the allure of financial rewards sits at 54%, while the adrenaline rush in the form of pure thrills comes in at 42%.

A notable 36% believe that betting heightens the excitement of watching an event live. For 41%, it’s a game in itself, but for a quarter (25%), it’s simply a pastime.

Currently, when it comes to sports betting, 56% of people surveyed tune into sports-centric television programs. Meanwhile, 40% engage in sports-related conversations on social media platforms, and 36% hold the opinions of industry professionals in high regard.


32% place their wagers based on comprehensive analytics, while another 32% rely on the advice and tips of friends and family. 30% say they are influenced by leading online personalities which could include influencers or other social media figures.

But it’s not all roses. The overwhelming dread (47%) is the potential monetary loss. Brazil tops the LATAM list with 25% wary of the addictive nature of gambling. Some steer clear due to insufficient game know-how (18%) or the unpredictability of winnings (15%).

So it’s clear from the above that for the most part Brazilians gamble for the thrill of it, while giving high importance to the trust element and having a good user experience.

Friends endorsing a particular game or site is extremely important too, while they’re savvy when it comes to scrutinizing the legality of sites and how trustworthy a site is from a technical point of view.

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