How to mine Pi Network: a step-by-step guide on Pi Network mining

In just a decade and a half, the crypto industry has come a fantastic way from a strange hobby to an actively developing market. Many people want to mine cryptocurrency, but making this desire come true and making a profit is becoming objectively more and more difficult. Pi Network is one of the projects aimed at democratizing mining.

What is a Pi Network?

The Pi Network project, launched in 2019, is an innovative solution designed to lower the barriers to cryptocurrency ownership. Pi cryptocurrency aims to become more accessible than top cryptocurrencies. A unique feature of the Pi Network is mining on mobile devices with minimal impact on their performance.

Does Crypto Get TaxedThe emission limit for PI coins has not yet been set. In addition, the main Pi network is still closed, that is, miners cannot yet transfer their coins from the network or sell them on the exchange in the same way as performing a swap USDT-TRC20 to USDT-ERC20. The team is currently working on creating a widespread decentralized network before launching the mainnet.

How Pi Network mining works

For mining on the Pi Network, the SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol) consensus algorithm is used, which does not drain the smartphone’s battery. The computing power of the device does not affect the mining process. To start mining coins, the user needs to download the application and register in it using an invitation code. It is not necessary to leave the application open, but you need to go into it once a day and press the lightning button. To increase the mining speed, you can invite new users to the community.

Step-by-step guide to mining PI

The guide on how to mine Pi Network is extremely simple:

  • Download the Pi Network app from the App Store or Google Play and go to to activate the app.
  • Register using your email or Facebook account and create a strong password.
  • Enter the invitation code.
  • Click the lightning button to start mining. Make sure to repeat this every 24 hours to keep the PI coin mining going.

Risks and benefits of Pi Network mining

The Pi coin is a rather unique phenomenon in the crypto industry, since mining on mobile devices is possible for a limited number of cryptocurrencies. The desire to democratize the crypto space and make it more accessible looks very attractive. Users will not need any special expensive equipment or special technical knowledge and this activity can attract more new users to the crypto space.

In addition, Pi Network takes a rather careful approach to users’ personal data. To join the community now all you need is an email address or a Facebook account. However, after the launch of the main network, KYC will be required to confirm the legitimacy of miners.

However, the Pi Network project is not without risks. First of all, it is still in the development stage. This means that errors will be discovered periodically or changes will be made to it. Launching a fully functional blockchain is indeed a difficult task and whether the development team will be able to launch it is not yet clear enough.

The Pi coin is worth absolutely nothing today, just like Bitcoin was in 2008. The coin will be able to acquire value over time if it is supported by the attention of the community, as well as the services and goods that network participants will offer.

It is not yet possible to convert PI into fiat money, because the coins are simply not in circulation yet. This opportunity will appear after the launch of the mainnet and listings on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The project itself is quite interesting and worth watching. However, investing too many resources into mining is quite risky.

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