The Best Slot Promotions Players Can Use
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The Best Slot Promotions Players Can Use

People have been playing slot machines for over a century. The very first one dates back to the late 19th century and was known as the Liberty Bell.

The growth of slots as a popular form of gaming really started to take off during the arcade era though, as those venues were full of fruit machines. They have been a fixture at land-based casinos for decades too, so there were plenty of opportunities to play them.

Then online casino came along and increased those opportunities a hundredfold. It is so easy to play a slot game on the internet now that the problem is more choosing which one to play.

Fans often turn to two things to help them decide: slot game reviews and the promotions that are on offer with the games. In this article, we will take a look at the best slot promotions for players to use.


Free Spins

This is perhaps the most popular slot promotion of all. Free spins typically operate in two different ways when it comes to an online slot though.

The first way is free spins that a player can earn as a reward within the game. That usually happens if they get a certain number of a particular reel icon in a row on the reels after spinning them and it can help them to secure further winning combinations without betting any more money.

The second way that free spins are available is as a promotion to entice people to play in the first place. It is a way of allowing people to start spinning a slot – and possibly winning – before needing to deposit anything.

It is a great promotion for any slot player to use because it holds the potential to win money without risking any upfront. An example of it in action is the free spins deal on offer at Rainbow Riches Casino.

Matched Deposit Bonus

A second very useful type of slot promotion is the matched deposit bonus. This is a standard feature at online casinos and it can be applied to any game that a player chooses – with the slots being picked most often because they are the top rated casino games.

It can vary in its terms and conditions, but it does usually follow a fairly similar format and is generally a welcome bonus. The casino will match the initial deposit made by a player after signing up to the site: so if you put $100 into your account to bet with, the site will bump that up to $200.

The benefits of this for slot players are not hard to see. Having twice as much money to play the games with will mean that they get to enjoy the fun of slots for longer. They will also significantly increase their odds of landing some wins before their bankroll runs out.

That makes it a promotion that any new casino player should grab with both hands. It also has advantages for the sites because it keeps people using them and playing the games for longer periods.

No Deposit Bonus

This kind of slot bonus reduces the financial risk involved in playing to absolutely zero. Again, this form of promotion is usually targeted at people who are using a casino site for the first time and it is another top offer.

It works by allowing people to play a game of their choice for a certain period of time with money provided by the casino. That means they do not have to deposit any of their own cash to begin with.

That may sound ridiculously generous and, in a way, it is. It will provide the opportunity to start winning a slot game before having to bet any cash, which means there is the potential to go quite a long time before having to really lay any of your own money on the line.

Who would not want to play for free? No slot player should miss out on this kind of promotion.

Slot machine

Minimum Deposit Bonus

A minimum deposit bonus generally provides players with a certain amount of free play in exchange for the smallest deposit amount available. At most casinos, the minimum deposit will be around $10 and this sort of promotion will provide 100 or more free spins of a slot game for that money. 

It maximizes the amount of bang that a player gets for their buck and that means it is a promotional offer that will extend your gaming time and amplify your payout chances. Winning money and having fun are the two main reasons to play a slot game, so it makes sense to exploit minimum deposit bonuses.

These are the best slot promotions on offer at casinos and they are widely available.

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