All You Need to Know Before Playing Progressive Jackpot Slots in the UK
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All You Need to Know Before Playing Progressive Jackpot Slots in the UK

UK punters have access to thousands of online slot sites. Some are so-so, and others are good. There are also a few exceptional sites that offer gamblers the best of everything, from advanced player protection to unparalleled game varieties.

They also allow their customers to play progressive jackpot slots and, if lucky, walk away with life-changing winnings. But what are progressive jackpot slots, and how do they work? Let’s find out.

What are Progressive Jackpots in Slots?

A progressive jackpot is a reward that increases by a specific percentage every time you play slots but don’t win the available pot. If you win a progressive jackpot, the reward amount resets, and the whole process restarts.

Although progressive jackpots often come with higher payouts than others, they have a higher variance and aren’t easy to win. According to experts, each punter has a 50-100 million to one chance of bagging a progressive jackpot. But since this reward can be life-changing, you should try your luck.


Common Types of Progressive Jackpots in Slots

The most common types of progressive jackpots in the UK include:

·      Network progressive jackpots

Some slot sites and casinos in the UK offer network progressive jackpots. These rewards are linked with multiple slot games and machines. All the connected machines or games contribute to one shared jackpot pool. Every time a punter interacts with connected or networked machines or games, a small percentage of their stage trinkled into pooled reward.

·      Standalone progressive jackpots

Standalone progressive jackpots are the most common rewards today. A standalone jackpot should be exclusively tied to one predetermined slot machine or game in your average online or land-based casino. You must play the specified game to win its associated progressive jackpot. Every game linked to this type of reward is equipped with a meter that rises whenever a punter wagers.

·      Random progressive jackpots

A random progressive jackpot doesn’t require slot gamers to hit specific combinations to win. As a punter, you can play a slot game with this type of reward and bag it anytime during gameplay. That is because it’s awarded randomly without determining whether you win or lose the game.

·      Timed progressive jackpots

Although they are rare, some casinos offer timed progressive jackpots. These are rewards that punters must win at certain times of the day. But most timed jackpots don’t come with life-changing payouts like other progressive slot rewards because they are reset daily.


Play Progressive Jackpot Slots in the UK Today

Many UK slot machines and games offer different progressive jackpots. They range from network and standalone to daily and tiered rewards. But before trying to bag a progressive jackpot, read the associated terms and conditions. That will help you understand vital aspects like eligibility and wagering requirements.

Most importantly, play progressive slots on the best platforms. Ensure any site you interact with has a good reputation, guarantees optimum security, and offers juicy promotions and bonuses. May luck be on your side.

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