Dota 2 Deep Dive: A Closer Look at Junglers

Dota 2 Deep Dive: A Closer Look at Junglers

Junglers play a key role in most Dota 2 matches. However, they’re not an essential component of a hero lineup. As such, many gamers spend years playing the game without getting a handle on jungling. In a typical game, a jungler focuses on cutting through neutral creeps. In doing so, players are essentially farming for essential experience and more gold to spend on in-game upgrades. New to the world of Dota 2? Maybe you’ve been playing for a while but still haven’t wrapped your head around jungling. Read on for everything you need to know.


What Makes a Great Jungler?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a hero to play the jungler role is speed. A good jungler needs to be able to clear enemy camps quickly. Time is at a premium. Even a few wasted seconds can lead to missed experience and gold. What’s more, dragging your heels can give the enemy an advantage.

An effective jungler also needs to be fairly self-reliant. You don’t want to be eating into your inventory of regen items to stay in the game. As such, it’s best to stick with a hero that boasts healing abilities. Summoning abilities are also welcome here, allowing heroes to dispatch other units to do the dirty work, without their HP taking a knock.

The best junglers also need to be agile and able to escape the enemy as and when the need arises. While you won’t be bothered too much during a typical game, there’s always a chance an enemy player will make a move to put a stop to your farming efforts.

Need some pointers? Read on for a selection of the best jungler picks you can put to work right now.

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  1. Lifestealer

If you’re searching for a fierce jungler who can hold his own, there are few better choices than Lifestealer. This Dota 2 hero boasts impressive damage stats, making a welcome addition to any team. What sets him apart from other heroes? As well as his devastating physical attacks, Lifestealer’s special abilities provide him with reliable immunity against many magical attacks. What’s more, he comes with those all-important evasive maneuvers that you’ll need to call on in a pinch.

  1. Bloodseeker

Bloodseeker is another go-to choice if you’re looking for a heavy-hitter who can hold his own against an attacking enemy. He’s one of the more versatile heroes in Dota 2, but his special abilities make him particularly attractive for anyone looking to up their jungling game. When he kills an enemy, Bloodseeker benefits from a 25% health boost. This brings that game-long sustainability you need for a jungler. His special abilities also give him welcome vision and speed uplifts, allowing you to hunt out any lingering enemies with dwindling HP bars.

  1. Chen

As heroes go, Chen gets something of a bad rap. Many new Dota 2 players discount him entirely because of his awkward game mechanics. While there is a substantial learning curve here, any player willing to put in the hours with Chen will be richly rewarded. Chen’s Holy Persuasion ability is an incredible asset to any jungler. This unique ability allows you to turn nearby creeps into allied units, significantly increasing your farming output. What’s more, this hero can actively build much-needed items to replenish a dwindling inventory.

  1. Nature’s Prophet

Nature’s Prophet looks right at home in this part of the map. He’s been one of the most-picked jungler heroes for years. His magical abilities put many more offensive heroes to shame. In the right hands, Nature’s Prophet can be a devastating presence, right from the get-go. However, it’s his Global Teleportation ability that really sets him apart from other Dota 2 heroes. While everyone else is busy fighting it out, this hero can shift his farming focus to the other side of the map entirely.

  1. Doom

Few players want to find themselves coming up against Doom. While you can use him for more offensive strategies, he’s a solid pick for jungling. This hero boasts one of the deadliest repertoires of abilities around. His Devour ability can stop creeps in their tracks, absorbing their abilities, while also pocketing gold. He also comes with impressive base armor, meaning he can take plenty of punishment before you have to start thinking about raiding your item inventory.

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