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Cycling Betting: From Where to Find Your Desired Bike

Do you want to switch to an eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation method and buy a bike but are not sure which one to choose? You’ve come to the right place. This guide will go over the various types of bikes and where to find them, from best e bikes for seniors to best bikes for mountain bikers. Let’s delve deeper.

Most common types of bikes

Today there are numerous bikes in the market you can consider according to your needs.

Road bikes

If you are looking for an ideal bike to long-distances, road racing or fitness training then road bikes can be the perfect match. There are a large variety of road bikes out in the market, such as Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Disc 9.0, Specialized Tarmac SL7 or Trek Madone SLR 9 Disc which are all designed for speed and performance.

Mountain bikes

Next on our list are mountain bikes designed for those who prefer off-road riding. In the market, you can find from Cross-Country (XC) Bikes to Fat bikes which are designed for riding on snow. Mountain bikes can also be given as a gift to mountain biking or sports enthusiasts. Even so, if you are going to buy a bike as a gift, you should consider some important factors such as the biker’s experience, the cost of a bike, and so on.

Anyway, if you are not sure what bike to choose as a gift or want some cost-effective alternative gift for your bike lover friend you can consider other alternative amazing gifts for mountain bikers such as a bike seat, frame pouch, bike gloves, pro bike tools, and much more.

Hybrid bikes

These bikes are popular too. It’s a perfect alternative to road and mountain bikes. Hybrid bikes are a cross between these two and can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Specialized Sirrus, Trek FX, and Raleigh Cadent are popular hybrid bikes in the market today and can be used for commuting, fitness, and light trail riding.

Bikes for seniors

Biking is also popular among adults, so there are many options available to them. According to Forbes Electric-Assist Bikes, Adult Trikes and Recumbent Bikes are the best e bikes for seniors to consider.

These bikes relieve pressure on bikers’ knees, allowing them to pedal and ride with less effort, and are an excellent choice for new riders. Adult trikes, for example, do not require a high level of riding proficiency.

There are a lot of comfortable bikes well suited for seniors such as Schwinn Meridian Electric Tricycle, Pedego Comfort Cruiser, Aventon Pace 350 and so on.

Where to purchase your desired bike

Though there are numerous platforms and bike shops to purchase a bike, finding your desired one can be quite challenging.

Consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you in finding the right bike at your desired  price. You may be unsure about hiring a virtual assistant to assist you with this mission, but it is a foolproof option. There are numerous virtual assistant jobs available today, one of which is assisting bikers in finding bikes that meet their specifications.

Your VA can save you time and do research according to your preference and needs. Virtual assistants can provide some comparison and check where your desired bike is available. VAs even can do the purchase for you.  

If you are located in the UK then you can consider to hire a VA. You can also hire experienced Virtual Assistants in Wishup, Upwork, Fiverr or TaskBullet.

You can also use VA services for navigation, weather updates as well as for getting personalized training to improve your cycling performance. You can also get support from an online tutoring platform and hire an appropriate tutor to achieve your cycling goals.

Virtual assistants are a good option for making things easier and doing research for you, but you can also do your own research and make purchases using the following platforms:


The first one is Amazon. It offers a large variety of bikes for different prices. You can filter products according to the bike type and your budget. Amazon has a suitable option for a variety of style and size bikes.

Mike’s Bikes

Mike’s Bikes is another platform with a large selection of bikes and accessories. Here you can find road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, cruisers, and kids’ bikes from Cannondale, Santa Cruz, Cervelo, Giant, and other brands.

Bicycle Blue Book

Bicycle Blue Book is also a good platform to purchase bikes and accessories. It suggests a variety of types of bikes such as road, mountain, hybrid, e-bike and kids’ bikes from brands like Cannondale, Santa Cruz, Cervelo, Giant, etc.


If you are looking for an all-in-one platform to purchase bikes accessories, clothing and other sport instruments from top brands and fast delivery then you can consider Bike24. Here you can find useful advice to choose the best bike that aligns with your lifestyle.

Final thoughts

So, we go through some common types of bikes and the best platforms to assist you to find your desired bike. If you are not sure what type of bike is more suitable for you and do not have enough time for research and comparison you can always hire a virtual assistant to do the trick for you.  

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