5 Bad Habits That Bring Your Old Age Closer

5 Bad Habits That Bring Your Old Age Closer

First of all, a lot of people prefer the easiest way to deal with external flaws – superficial, they only mask such flaws, in fact, without getting rid of them. But the most important thing is not to get old inside and always stay cheerful and active, for this you can visit a live online casino South Africa.

But first, you need to understand the internal causes of noticeable signs of aging, and then take certain actions. What makes us look older?



Addiction to tobacco smoking has long turned into a global catastrophe, an epidemic that has engulfed all segments of the population. Every year, seven million people die from this addiction and diseases directly related to it. It has been proven that smoking is a direct catalyst for oncological and cardiovascular diseases, causes serious problems with the lungs and gastrointestinal tract, and weakens the immune system.

Smoking has a particularly negative effect on a woman’s health and appearance. Harmful chemical compounds contained in tobacco smoke lead to the accelerated destruction of collagen in the skin and deprive cells of oxygen. Hence the earthy complexion, loose skin, premature wrinkles, flabbiness, and sagging. The habit of smoking and squinting from smoke leads to the appearance of deep facial wrinkles, not to mention the yellowness of teeth and disgusting breath.


Alcoholism is another scourge of modern society. Unfortunately, in our country, this problem has acquired the scale of a national catastrophe. The number of people drinking is growing from year to year, respectively, the mortality schedule from the consequences of this harmful addiction is also going up. Every sip of alcohol causes a crippling blow to the cardiovascular system, destroys the liver, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract, and kills brain cells. Prolonged alcohol consumption causes personality degradation, decreased mental and physical activity, and leads to apathy and chronic depression. Uncontrolled drunkenness affects the genetic code of DNA, which cannot but affect future children.

Physical Inactivity


Lack of movement and physical activity is another scourge of modern society, leading to premature aging. Technological progress has led to people moving less, and machines have replaced physical labor, which has been replaced by passive pastime at the computer surrounded by plates of junk food. This is fraught not only with muscle atrophy and excessive obesity but also with a whole bunch of chronic diseases.

Due to the lack of full-fledged physical exertion, the cardiovascular system suffers, metabolism slows down, respiratory and musculoskeletal functions are disrupted, and the spine is bent, which leads to stooping and even scoliosis. Lack of movement and exposure to fresh air reduces immunity and leads to oxygen starvation, which is fraught with a decrease in mental activity and the risk of mental disorders (insomnia, lethargy, drowsiness, fatigue, memory loss, increased irritability).

Uncontrolled Exposure to the Sun

Most people, especially women, in pursuit of a beautiful bronze tan forget about the destructive effect of direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light, which contributes to the production of vitamin D, which is so necessary for the human body, can be a real killer for the skin. Excessive exposure to the sun without the use of special protective equipment leads to premature aging and dehydration of the skin, the appearance of pigmentation, and even cancer. Hair and eyes suffer from direct sunlight, so do not forget about a hat and sunglasses. Learn how to choose the right protective cream by skin type and do not forget to take it with you to the beach.

Lack of Sleep

Even a single sleepless night can leave an imprint on the face in the form of dark circles or ugly bags under the eyes. What can we say about the constant lack of sleep? Ideally, a person needs 8 hours of a full night’s rest to fully restore all body functions. The best time to go to bed is from 21 to 22 two o’clock in the evening. It is during this period that cell renewal occurs and the main metabolic processes are started. It is important to take care of a comfortable mattress, natural bedding, and the right pillow, ventilate the room before going to bed and take a comfortable pose (ideally, learn to sleep on your back), and then every morning will be kind and cheerful.

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